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Columbiaville Village Offices

We are here to assist you, providing services through the Columbiaville Village offices. Our dedicated village staff and elected representatives are available to address your inquiries, provide guidance on zoning matters, and handle any concerns regarding water and tax payments.  Village Employees understand the importance of municipal accountability; therefore we take great pride in our customer service and this Village as a whole. We are very proud of the Village and will take extra steps to ensure our residents feel the same way.

Village Staff

Village Clerk/Administrator: Denise Baker

Denise Baker has been elected as the Village Clerk and also appointed as the Village Administrator. Alongside her, she leads a team of two part-time employees who work on rotating schedules. Denise assumes responsibility for all administrative tasks essential to the smooth functioning of the Village. This includes maintaining the Village's records, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Village Office, and supervising various additional projects within the community.

Village Treasurer/Office Assistant: filled (more information coming soon)

Village Administrative Assistant: Brandy Miller

In April 2008, Brandy Miller joined as the Administrative Assistant and has since been entrusted with multiple responsibilities. Her duties encompass managing Miscellaneous Receivables, Payroll, Utility Billing, and various other office-related tasks. Brandy's work schedule includes four days a week, specifically on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and rotating Wednesdays and Fridays.

Village Council

Tom Wood


Barb Harris

Pres. Pro Term

Joanne St. Pierre


Kim Goldorf


Todd Deweese


Paul Milka


Jamie Medellin



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