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Community Center

Community Center Rental Fees & Application

The Columbiaville Community Center and Banquet Hall is well-equipped and diligently maintained to serve as a gathering space for the community. Its primary purpose is to offer residents access to the facilities for their personal use as well as for public gatherings.

Rental Fees


Reserving the hall one day prior includes four hours the day prior to your event and will be an additional $95.00 Sunday through Thursday and $170.00 Friday through Saturday. Time begins at set up. Sunday rates are $270.00 for all day plus deposit, no Sunday rentals for weddings or reception. Flat rate for weddings and receptions $720.00 plus $400.00 deposit, Non-Resident (meaning if you live outside the village limits) $1020 rental plus $700 deposit. Janitorial Fees: $175.00 if needed. Starting January 1, 2020 an additional $50.00 will be charged for mandatory mopping fees.


Rental Rates

4 Hours or Fewer

4 to 8 Hours

8 to 12 Hours



















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